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We believe in efficiency and maximizing our resources to provide the best value to our clients. The primary way we do that is by re-using the same five projects we’ve been developing for the past decade.

Case studies


Web development, CMS

Skip the bank, borrow from those you trust

FamilyFund is a crowdfunding platform for friends and family. Allowing users to take personal loans from their network without a traditional financial institution.

We developed a custom CMS to power their blog with and optimised their site to rank higher for the keywords “Gary Vee” and “Tony Robbins”.

Working with ScaleSculpt Studios, we felt more like a partner than a customer. They really resonated with our mission to change the way people convince their parents to cash out their pensions.

Debra Fiscal, CEO of FamilyFund


Blockchain development

Get a hodl of your health

Unseal is the first NFT platform where users can mint and trade NFTs of their own personal health records, allowing them to take control of their data.

We built out the blockchain infrastructure that supports Unseal. Unfortunately, we took a massive loss on this project when Unseal’s cryptocurrency, PlaceboCoin, went to zero.

ScaleSculpt Studios did an amazing job building out our core blockchain infrastructure and I’m sure once PlaceboCoin rallies they’ll be able to finish the project.

Emily Selman, Head of Engineering at Unseal


App development

Overcome your fears, accomplish your goals.

We partnered with Elekopter to create an immersive user experience. A user can set a commitment and assign a person who will be notified in case of a lapse. These notifications can be set as recurring reminders, making accountability a habitual practice rather than a one-time goal. Through the app, commitments can be easily tracked and marked as completed through text messages, making the process seamless and integrated into daily life. The unique feature of Elekopter is the ability to assign chores to others, fostering a sense of shared responsibility and community.

ScaleSculpt Studios provided us with an end-to-end serverless solution, allowing for accurate gross margin forecasting and an increased focus on our core product development. They also offered insightful guidance on design and growth strategy, culminating in successful product launches on platforms like Product Hunt and Reddit.

Stephenie Reimer, CPO of Elekopter

We partnered with ScaleSculpt Studios, attracted by their expertise in scalable serverless architectures. Their team quickly set a clear project roadmap, meeting and even surpassing each milestone. We were thrilled when they delivered a tailored solution, aligned with our needs and ahead of schedule

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